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Crazy Trump Best-of: Funny times... but it all happens so fast! So I thought: keep a summary of all those funny things around Crazy Trump...



Crazy Trump Best-of



 by Enthusiast, 3/19/2017 (changed: 10/10/2017)

Funny times... but it all happens so fast! So I thought: keep a summary of all this hilarious craziness around Toddler Don, or if you want, Bragging Donny, the biggest bragger of the free universe.

10.10.2017: The truly great and much missed Jon Stewart!

15.9.2017: Bill Maher is usually not the funniest of comedians, he likes to use fowl language and attack stupid politicians. But this section is well thought-out and culminates in some well delivered jokes:

12.9.2017: Who'd have known... Miss America is smarter than the US-President:

18.7.2017: Seth Meyers ist auch aus dem Urlaub zurück und fasst die Entwicklung um Don Jr.'s "collusion" erfrischend zusammen:

13.7.2017: Thank God, Stephen is back! Collusion and idiots in the White House:

28.6.2017: Mal wieder Stephen Colbert, pointiert zur Krankenversicherung der Republikaner:

25.4.2017: Ein gut aufgelegter Stephen Colbert zu Trumps ersten 100 Tagen:

18.4.2017: Got one about Easter at the WH:  :D

31.03.2017: Uuh, this one's crazy, crazy like Trump:

29.03.2017: Up next ist ein gut aufgelegter Stephen Colbert, besonders die letzten zwei Minuten an der Tafel:

I had thought there would be more but I guess, there was some adaption to the crazyness during these two weeks...

16.03.2017: Starting with Trevor Noah's take on the "tremendous" Obamacare replacement.

"Trump is the bus": Starts slow, but makes a good point at the end:








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